Tuesday, August 18, 2009

2 Simple Ways To Build Your List Fast

Everyone knows that if you have an audience, you are much more likely to sell what you have to offer and if you have a list of people who have already shown an interest in you, then you are already way ahead of the game. Building a list is the best way to have an audience. You can contact your list at any given time for new product reviews and so on. The best part is that you don't need to have your own product. All you need to do is to find a great product and become an affiliate and then promote it to your list. Of course, the larger your list is the better.
This is a general description of how squeeze pages work. If you are an affiliate of a product that you really like and want to promote but you also want to build your list, then advertise the squeeze page, and then let your autoresponder do the the selling for you. I like Get Response. It is free until you get at least 10 opt ins. Make sure you put at the bottom of your opt in follow up email p.s. statement letting them know about the great product that you would like to recommend. As far as where to place a sqeeze page. Your wordpress blog would an excellent palce to put it. There are differences in the wordpress.com and the wordpres.org blogs. There are some drawbacks to each and the fact that the word.com blog is easier to set up, but one of the draw backs in that you can not put and opt in form on it, which is why I don't have one on this page, just in case you were wondering. If you will notice though I do have and an RSS feed which you can opt into at the bottom right hand side of the page via a reader such as Google reader. There are several "readers" available, and they are completely free to use. All you need to do is sign up or you can opt in to receive the updated posts via email and will receive it in you email everytime a new post is made
You can also advertise a squeeze page via pay per click or Gooogle adwords, but I would suggest putting it on a blog, because it's free that way. In a future post I will tell you about a great blogging system. It is not free, but it far surpasses any of the free blogs available, and will help skyrocket your business.
One more way I would like to discuss about building your list which it is essential for every serious internet marketer to do if he/she is serious about making money online. There are onine builders availble that are phenominal to start with and they are free. Especially if you have not started to build a list yet. It is essential that you get started right away. Here is a product that can help you get started building you list quickly and easily in addition to utilizing landing/squeeze pages. Go here....http://tinyurl.com/mfd2mj

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