Wednesday, August 19, 2009

16 Sources Of Traffic

I have been researching different ways to get traffic to a website. So far I have come up with at least 16 different ways to get traffic to a website. Here they are...

1. Integration Marketing:

This is basically upselling from your original offer.

2.Paid Ezine Advertising:

SoloAds, Top Sponser Ads, Middle Sponsor Ads, Bottom Sponsor Ads, usually only 5 lines.

3.Tele Seminars:

Can be very profitable if done correctly. You need to have a good size list.

4. Joint Ventures/Endorsed Emailing:

You must have something to bring to the table that will benefit you J.V. partner

5.Voice Broadcasting:

This is done via podcasing, which can actually be a great and very inexpensive way to build

your list. You must have something intereting to talk about.

6.Direct Mail/Postcards:

7.Article Marketing:

Very effective way to get links to your site.

8.Press Releases:

Best is you have your own product.


One of the most effective ways to get traffic because of content and keyword information.

10.Affiliate Marketing:

Marketing other people products. Very good way to get started earning if you are a newbie.


This can be very effective as well as cost effective.

12.Viral Marketing:

Word of mouth, email can also be very viral.

13.PPC (Pay Per Click):

This can be a quick way to get traffic but not neccesarily income. You need to know what you

are doing.

14. Bonus Traffic

15. Forum Marketing:

This can be very effictive if you participate in discussions and solve people's problems by

answering questions they have.

16.SEO(Search Engine Optimization):

This is the ultimate goal, because it's free traffic.

17.Squeeze Pages/Landing Pages

The best way to build a list. You need an audience who is interested in what you have to offer.

Two of the fastest, easiest ways to get traffic is by blogging and squeeze pages.

It's easy to get overwhelmed. Try to focus on one or two at first until you get results.

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