Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sneaky Email Tricks

How To Sneaky Email Tricks To Make More Money

Hello today I want to talk about some sneaky ways you can use email tricks
 to make more money with your list. Now that I have your attention, Here is one of 13 Sneaky Email Tricks,
check out the other 12 at: Fact: Only 20-30% of your list will EVER open any email you send them EVER....the first time.  Here is the big ah-ha. Take the list of people who didn't open your first email and send them the SAME mail again the next day with a different headline.
Just a different headline. Takes about two minutes. It's simple but powerful. Look at the math from a recent promo Perry Belcher just ran:

Mail #1 Generated 121 Sales
Mailed to Un-Opens #2 Generated 66 Sales
Mailed to Un-Opens #3 Generated 47 Sales

The Old Way = 121 sales at $97 = $11,737
The New Way = 234 sales at $97 = $22,698

Look, just a hair shy of DOUBLING his sales and he only mailed my entire list once. The people who opened the first mail never saw the other 2 mails. Here's the bottom line...
 Re-mailing un-opens really works. If you don't do this you must hate money. DOUBLE! Did you hear that part?! This is just ONE of 13 Sneaky Little Email Tricks that are explained in depth in a new report that
Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher just released. Check out 12 more "Sneaky Tricks" here: 
Use all 13 of my sneaky tricks and you could increase email revenues by 10 to 20 times. Here's to doubling email sales.

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