Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Article Marketing Strategies To Build Your List

How To Use "Article Marketing Strategies" To Build Your List

Hello. Today I am to give some tips on  how to use article marketing strategies to build your list.

  • Write and article that target keywords in  your niche. First make sure you do keyword research in your niche to find keywords that don't have too much competition, but some competition is good.

  • Get the article posted at one or more article sites. It's best to target the article directories that will get your article ranked well on Google for those keywords.

  • Include a link to your article site. This will bring targeted traffic to your site.

  • Make your article about 500 words. Include an introductory paragraph that introduces the topic, then several other paragraphs to cover the topic, then a paragraph that reminds the reader of the key points of the article.

  • Come up with an interesting title that captures the readers attention. Make sure the title includes the keyword you are trageting. Look at the title of this post for an example.

  • Write a paragraph introducing topic using your keyword. Make sure you use the keyword throughout your article so that the article has a 1-3% keyword density.

  • Write at least 3 more more paragraphs about the topic. If you are writing a "Top 10" or similar article, each item in the list could be a paragraph.

  • Write a closing paragraph. This should summarize the key point of the article. By now you should almost have 500 words.

  • Include your keyword a few times in the article. Make sure you include the keyword in the first paragraph and once in the closing paragraph. Strive for 1-3% keyword density in your overall article.

  • Put a link to your site in your author/resource box. Most article directories let you include a small section at the end of an article to identify yourself, advertise your site ect. 

  • Don't tell the entire story in your article. It's much better to tell part of the story, and then direct the reader to your site to get the rest.

  • Make a squeeze page and give away a free report.  This will allow the reader to enter their name and email to get their free report.        
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