Monday, September 21, 2009

Quick Article Marketing Tips

Learn These Article Marketing Tips

Article marketing is the most effective way to get free advertising because not only does it get you more exposure for free, but it helps build your credibility on the world wide web.Even if you are an affiliate and do not have your own product, article marketing is the way to go if you are on a budget. Especially if you are on a budget! If you are a newbie, you may be asking yourself how does article marketing help me make money? There are many different ways to approach article marketing.The first thing to do is decide which approach you want to take. Here are a few of the article marketing approaches you may want to consider.

1. Write your own articles. Try to write at least 5 articles per day. This is not that hard to do.
2. Hire someone else to write your articles. You must check the quality.
3. Buy PLR articles. (Private Label Rights)
4. Use a mass article producer like Mass Article Control software to produce hundreds of articles from one article and submit them to the top 20 article directories with the click of a button.

All of these methods are effective. The thing about article marketing is that the more content you have out there, the more exposure you will get. So, how do you money with article marketing? When you submit your article to article directories, there is a resource box at the bottom of the page for you to put your short little ad or website. It can be very effective as long as your resource box is relevant to the information in the article. Some article directories actually let you put an affiliate link in the resource box, while others require you to link to a landing page or a blog with your link on it. Here are the top two directories adored by Google. and

When your article is in these article directories, they could end up anywhere. Ezine publishers go to these directories to look for content to place in their ezine or newsletters. They don't always want to have to write the content themselves. So if someone reads your article they may be interested in what you are offering.

Another way you can make money with article marketing is that the more content you have out there linking to you, the more that Google will recognize your content as being relevant, because the search engines will see all off these links pointing back to you. If you are an affiliate promoting different products, then you want to have many different articles for the different products that you promote. Buying PLR articles can help you save time, which a valuable commodity in this day and age, especially when you are trying to figure things out and make money too. So much time can be wasted trying to figure it all out! When you buy PLR articles, which are usually very affordable, sometimes around $7.00 for a PLR pack, it can really be a time saver. If you use this method, you want to be sure to change a few of the lines. It is important that the content is unique. Make it your own.  Don't just copy and paste because this is frowned upon by  Google and will not help your article marketing campaign. Using something like Article Mass Control could help catupult your article marketing efforts to the next level and get you off to a good start. Click Here to read more!

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