Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Additional Components For Getting Your Emails Opened And Read

A couple of days ago, I made a post called 4 Componets for Getting Your Emails Read and Opened. This is a follow up with 2 more important components in writing effective emails that will help your email campain to be successful.  If you are interested in reading the first 4 components that proceeded these, please feel to read it. This post can be found in the archive from last week.
I'll start where I left off in the previous post 4 Components For Getting Your Emails Opened And Read.
Component #5  After you are finished with the frist 4 components of writing your email, then tell one more thing. You can use bullets to list some of the the benefits they will receive with the product you are describing to them. You can also add a couple more testimonials. Only give the persons name who gave the testimonial.
Don't list the persons website or phone number if they gave it to you with their testimonial. The goal is to keep the readers attention on your message.
Component #6 Create a time squeeze by creating urgency. This is best done by giving them a reason why they should do it now rather than later, preferably within the hour. If they leave, more than likely they won't return.
*example- We have no control when this product will be removed from the shelves, please decide in the next 24 hours to avoid disappointment.
Create a sense of competition by letting them know how many other people are looking at it as well.
Component # 7 This would be the end of your email. The end of the email should have another hook.
Make it refer back to something in the email.  Then could state, that they can get one too, that is if there are any left.
Component #8 The sign off. The sign off is very important. It's just as important as the subject line and opening statement.  It's like when you meet someone and the way you say hello to them gives them an impression of you. It's also the way you end a conversation that makes an impression on someone. So make sure to leave a good impression in your emails.
*examples- see you on the call! and your name, or till nex ttime and your name. Signing off with something like best reguards sounds kind of impersonal and formal. If you say best requrds in one email and till next time in the next email, you will sound like a completely different person to the reader. Try to let your personality show through and be your yourself, but don't be boring. Don't sign off with the same same statement everytime.
Component # 9 Don't forget about the p.s the p.s.s and the p.s.s.s. This has been said by some top email marketers that this is the most important part of the email.  This should be interesting to read. You can use these for a last hook, or another time squeeze, or one more testimonial. You can use it for a special offer by asking them to scroll down to the end of the page to see the special bonus or offer. Or can say that ps.s don't forget to click and watch the audio. By doing following steps, you will give the reader something to look forward to and something to look for when they click to your sales page.
I hope these additional tips gave you some good ideas. Please leave any questions or comments. Thanks for reading.

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