Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Do You Make These Seven Mistakes? - Law Guru

Dont't let it happen to you

Everything is going well in your Internet marketing venture. Money is flowing, Your business is growing.


Your business (and your LIFE) is devastated because of a small legal error you made.

Think it can't happen? Internet businesses are being attacked daily.
Lawsuits are filed by the government and private individuals.
Marketers are facing criminal prosecution, civil judgments, fines, bankruptcy, and even court orders barring them from conducting any type of business on the Internet ever again.

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Because these Internet marketers made one or two simple mistakes in the way they did business.
For example, have you ever done a joint venture? If so, you almost certainly exposed yourself to the possibility of lawsuits, theft, and even government investigations.
But if you have the right protections in place, you're safe.
What about your business' legal identity?
If you're using the wrong business structure (and most Internet marketers are) you're personally liable if you get sued. This means you can lose your savings, your car, and even your home.
Do you do business around the world?
It's actually illegal to do business with some companies and individuals. Not knowing who they are is no excuse, either. You can be CRIMINALLY prosecuted by the government simply for having the wrong customers. Don't become an accidental felon. 
To learn what the other four mistakes are, click here

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