Saturday, January 30, 2010

Educating Through Video

People from third-world or developing countries who want to get updated or advanced education from industrialized nations are having a hard time, mostly because of immigration or visa requirements. This is much is true in countries like Japan, the United States and the United Kingdom, whose immigration qualifications are very stringent. In some countries, the United States requires that a certain amount be placed in trust as a
bond to ensure that visitors do return to their countries of origin.

Educators in these developed countries recognize the desire of foreign students to avail themselves of superior standards in education. This is where the internet becomes a central tool in global, quality education.

If you go online today, you will find plenty of colleges, universities and even Ivy League institutions offering online
education ranging from certification, degree, post graduate and doctorate level courses. These online schools and universities are certainly convenient for those who cannot enter developed countries due to lack of qualifications for visa approval requirements.

In the domestic front, these online schools become an alternative to the physically handicapped or mentally ill. For people with motor dysfunctions such as Parkinson’s disease, online education becomes a saving grace in their lives. It not only becomes convenient, but it also provides these people with a connection to the world right in their own homes. Having the burden of education addressed by the internet is a convenience for the operators of care facilities as they can exclusively use these online schools for the education of their patients or as extra sources and materials used in their curriculum.

With all of these in mind, new materials and tools for online instruction need to be developed. Foremost among these necessary tools is audio and video streaming through the internet. Audio-video streaming allows for two people to instantly communicate from distinctly separate locations. An instructor can use the internet to talk to his or her student face to face, so to speak.

One thing our educators agree upon is that there is no better teacher than experience. In recent years, companies started manufacturing educational videos for use by infants. By using these video, infants are projected to start learning at an earlier age than before. Because of the audio-video experience, he attention given to these videos by an infant is considerably more than they would give to a children’s book. In being able to grab attention and interest, the video succeeds in educating the mind of the child.

In the same manner, the use of audio and video in the education of older children, juveniles and adults is a more interesting and entertaining experience than a plain chemistry book. With a person actually able to see the animated structure of an atom, the curiosity of that individual is stimulated. When people become curious, their imagination becomes active and they strive to gather more information about the subject.

This is where the importance of education through video lies. The content (assuming that it is interesting) grabs the viewers’ attention and stirs their curiosity, thereby stimulating a thirst for knowledge.

As internet audio-video streaming technology improves, the more use they will become to online educational institutions. People who have knowledge of how to install and use these utilities are quickly becoming assets to many entrepreneurs, especially those businesses that are situated in the internet. 

The use of video streaming technology by websites has ballooned significantly. Even websites designed by amateurs and those people who have their own blog sites are starting to sprout videos. Video streaming is starting to grow. You might want to grow with it.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Adding Bonuses - Value Perception

E-books are rapidly increasing in popularity.  That popularity has lead to a surge in the number of e-books that are now available for sale.  If you want to make a profit with your e-book, you need to set your e-book apart from all of the rest.  A good e-book can sell, but you may need to add a little bit more.  Whether you are preparing to sell a new e-book or if you have had trouble selling one that you already wrote, you may want to think about bonuses.  Bonuses are a great way to increase your sales.  It is no secret that consumers like free things; free things that are often referred to as bonuses.

As it was mentioned above, bonuses are often used to describe things that are being offered for free or at a discounted price.  If properly executed, you may be able to attract a large number of e-book buyers, just for offering additional bonsuses.  To make the most out of offering a bonus, you are urged to choose that bonus wisely.  Bonuses that may be worth your time include free product samples, coupons, discount codes, printable charts or other resource guides, or additional e-book features, like more content or extra chapters.

In addition to having a wide variety of bonuses to choose from, when offering them with an e-book purchase, you can also decide where those bonuses will come from.  There are many e-book authors who like to offer their own bonuses.  These types of bonuses often include additional e-book content or printable resources, such as charts.  For instance, if you are writing an e-book that outlines getting out of debt, you may want to
include a number of extra, but free printable resources. These guides could include monthly budget charts, a debt total tally sheet, or a chart that can be used to track spending habits. What is nice about offering these types of bonuses is that they are relatively easy to offer and they are bonuses that many will use.

If you are interested in offering a different type of bonus, like free product samples or coupons, you may need outside assistance.  For this example, let’s say that you were trying to sell an e-book that outlines caring for your exotic pet.  You may be able to partner with an exotic pet store, online or offline.  In most cases, you will find that most businesseswould be more than willing to provide you with coupons or discount codes to give to your buyers.  Coupons for items such as exotic pet food and other supplies may be needed and put to
good use by your e-book buyers.  It is also important to note that the company which you partner with may also be able to benefit; they too will likely see an increase in sales, as many consumers shop where they can save money.  Those first-time sales may even create long-term customers; therefore, everything works out for everyone involved.

When it comes to adding bonuses to e-books to increase value or increase the chances of a sale, there are many e-book authors who wonder exactly how far they should take it.  In all honesty, it is your decision to make.  If you are able to create your own low-cost bonuses, like printable resource guides, you may want
to think about giving these bonuses away to all buyers.  If you are partnering with another business, to offer free product samples or coupons, it might be best to set a time frame or limit the number of buyers who qualify for the bonuses. Advertising that bonuses are available for the first one hundred buyers will likely cause a temporary spike in sales, but it may be just enough to generate interest or create a “buzz.”

Adding a bonus or bonuses to your e-book is something that is completely optional; you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to.  However, e-book bonuses have a fairly high success rate, especially when marketed the proper way. If you decide to offer e-book bonuses, consider advertising them, along side your e-book on your e-book sales page, in online classified ads, and in any press releases that you may decide to create.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Best Free Blog Services

What is a blog and blog services? Blogs are a major part of online activity in today's society. Millions of people blog daily. What exactly is blogging? A blog is a website which consists of various entries. These entries are written by the blogger. Blog entries are often called posts. All blog entries or posts appear in reverse chronological order featuring the most recent entry listed first. Blogging is very similar to a journal or diary. Majority of blogs include comments and links which are placed to gain user interactivity. Blogs are produced by a special software. Blogging is the act of writing blog entries or posts in a blog. Blogosphere or blog services sites usually consist of an online community of blogs and bloggers. Blogging is very therapeutic and a great way to be heard. You can even get paid to blog sometimes. It is possible to become a professional blogger because the activity has become so popular. People blog to express their thoughts and opinions, market or promote something, help other people, establish yourself as an expert, connect with people similar to you, to make a difference, to stay active or knowledgeable in a certain field or topic, to stay connected to friend and family, and to make money from various forms of media. Blogging plays a key role in many different causes.

There are many different ways to blog and most of them are through free blog services. Majority of blog services are free. There are a few that charge for you to blog or upgrade to utilize their additional features. Blog services are sites that allow users to post blogs and they host the site. Blog services that are free come in many various features and styles. When you select a free blog service platform make sure you pick one that suits your blogging needs. and is a blog site dedicated to travel blogs. You can blog about all of your vacations and adventures from abroad on these free blog services. offers over 40MB of free online space to blog. is one of the most popular of free blog services they are very easy to use for novice bloggers. The templates help you set everything up with ease. is a free blog service site that offers RSS feeds and other very cool features. is also another free blog service that offers templates, friends only posts, and IP banning. is a free blog service that offers unlimited bandwidth for their free members and a paid member option that features additonal benefits. is a free blog service that offers multiple templates with anti-spam and extra features. is a free blog service with wiki that offers public and private display along with 2GB of storage for users. is a free blog service that offers a social networking feature with the blogging experience. is a blog service that mixes social networking along with photo galleries and other neat features. There are many options you can select when deciding the best free blog services to use.