Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Keyword Relevance

Steps To Keyword Relevance

The function of keywords is to attract the search engine’s attention. Once attracted, the search engine lists the site that contains the keyword. This system opened up avenues for search engine abuse by web masters. Because of a search engine’s heavy dependence on keywords, anybody could write “sex, xxx, porn” and
other strong keywords even though the website contains nothing of the sort. As a result of this abuse, the reputations of search engines all over the web begun to suffer. Surfers got re-directed to websites that had no relevance to their query.

To stop the abuse and enhance their accuracy and reputation, search engines devised an algorithm method where web crawlers not only looked at the keywords, but also at the contents that goes along with them. With this new method of indexing, web masters and internet marketers were finally forced to perform
honest work. They stopped using words like “sex, xxx” and porn” where there was none and begun writing relevant articles that give accurate descriptions of their website or products.

As a result of this new indexing system, the industry of search engine optimization (SEO) article writing was born. SEO article writers are required to write meaningful articles that thoroughly describe the product or website. Aside from using correct and appropriate writing methods, they also have to reserve slots within the article for the seeding of keywords.

As far as search engines are concerned, they index your website by scanning the top of your website first. Be sure to have descriptive literature of about 250++ words as this is what the search engines look for. Within that 250++ word article, embed your keywords in it without breaking the smooth flow of the article. Try to avoid grammar deficiencies because of keyword seeding. Your article needs to be as correct as it can be for
the search engine to understand what your website is saying and what relevance it has to a searcher’s query.

You can try the old method but you will not get as good results as you will with the honest way. Furthermore, attempting to mislead a search engine can lead to a bottom placement in search rankings. Aside from being given low priority in searches, search engines also have the option of removing your website from their index. If this unfortunate development happens to your website, you’ve already lost your business.

The internet is evolving. Just as it took centuries for the laws of the United States to reach maturity, the internet is hurrying along at light-speeds to protect everyone who decides to visit it. If you try to disrupt the flow of one of its economies, various individuals and corporations that own a stake in the internet will immediately smother you and the tools you use for disturbing a relatively peaceful environment.

As honesty seems to be the best policy for now, SEO article writing is the way to go. Do not compromise your articles for the sake of keyword density. After all, when your customers get to your website and read a poorly written article, your esteem in their eyes will immediately plummet. It wouldn’t be a surprise if they decide to transfer to another website with better services and a higher degree of usefulness and accuracy.

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