Thursday, October 8, 2009

Using Link Exchanges For Traffic

Using Link Exchanges For Traffic

A link exchange is an excellent way to build strong, reciprocal links to websites that will help you, as well as helping your link exchange partner at the same time.

Alot of people say that it's best to go after one-way links. Although one-way links are more effective than two-way links, two-way links are still effective. So it can still be worth your time to participate in link exchanges.

Your keywords will be necessary while looking for link partners. You will need to do some keyword  research.

Target the websites that you would turn to for information. Next search for websites that are similar to them. Check out the websites that are linking into your possible link ‘exchangees’.

When requesting a link exchange, it's essential to remember that the link exchanges that you use should be done with respect.

Personalization on your part is also important. Don't just BCC to a large number of websites and hope that you will get a response.

Here is an example of an appropriate email request:

Dear (name),

I have visited your website, and I really found it interesting. (Try to compliment or relate to some parts of their website.)

I was hoping you would be interested in exchanging link information with my website. We are both within the same niche, so I thought we could both benefit by exchanging traffic between our websites.

(You can briefly elaborate on how your products or services are complimentary rather than competitive.)

Please visit my website at After you have reviewed my website and if you are interested in a link exchange, please contact me at:

Your Name

Your Telephone Number

Your email address

Thanks for your time,

Your name

Company name

Website address

It is best to establish link exchanges with websites that have a PR rank of at least 1, but the higher the PR the better. Choose websites that don’t have links to unrelated sites. The reason this is important is because the primary goal isn’t just to develop traffic, but to develop your page rank as well. With a higher page rank you will find that your website appears more frequently in the search engines.

You should also make sure that your link exchanges are fresh. You don’t want websites that have dropped in page rank. You should check your link exchanges every month.

Look to make sure that they are not offline or have become hard to access. That they have not redirected to websites that you wouldn’t want to link to for any reason, and also that they haven’t turned into link farms. Watching out for this will preserve YOUR page rank.

There is an important aspect to link exchanging; you can't just offer to exchange links and then not follow through. If you are not committed to a two-way exchange, then be honest and consider purchasing a link instead.

Do be aware that the search engines frown upon purchasing links, and they feel that it is an artificial way to boost your page rank. They may penalize you, as well as the site(s) in question, if you are discovered.

As there is no conclusive evidence that this happens frequently, there are definitely rules in the Google Webmaster guidelines about buying and selling links.

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