Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How To Use The Top Traffic Exchanges

Top Traffic Exchanges

If you have ever considered using traffic exchanges because you would like to generate free traffic your on the right track especially if you utilize some of the top traffic exchanges. There are many different free traffic sources that are available but almost every free traffic source requires some sort of manual labor. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it can be time consuming. If you are low on advertising capital, it’s a good trade off.  Utilizing a quality traffic exchange can generate a lot of free targeted traffic.
Some of the free advertising methods include article marketing, classified ads, safe lists and traffic exchanges. For now let’s focus on the top traffic exchanges and the strategies that will help you to stand out, which can definitely get you leads for your business. or opportunity.
4 Keys To Success with Traffic Exchanges
1. Be different by designing a splash page that is different than the others on the traffic exchange to stand out. Make sure your splash page is easy  to read and the colors are appealing to most everyone because you have only about 30 seconds to capture someones attention. Some are less.  If you don’t know how to design your own splash page hire someone from scriptlance.com to do it for you.
2. Join at least 10 to 20 traffic exchanges to start with. Listed below are the top traffic I recommend that are well established and has a lot of surfers.
3. Use tabbed surfing. This can easily be done by going your Firefox browser and opening up all of the traffic exchange that you have joined. Once they are all opened, simply go to the top of the browser and click on bookmark all tabs and give it a name. The next time you are ready to surf just go to the bookmarks tab that you saved and click on “open ALL in tabs”. Next add your splash pages. Most will let you add at least five without upgrading. Next sign into each of the traffic exchanges and click start surfing immediately.
4. Now you can simultaneously surfing each of the exchanges at one time. For the best and fastest results, try to start with at least an hour a day and work your way up to 2 or maybe even 3 hours every other day depending on how aggressive you want to be and how much time your schedule will allow.
Remember Surfing traffic exchanges is basically a numbers game so the more time you give it, the more surfing credits you will earn. As they are used up you will want to replace them. Most traffic exchanges will allow you to pause the campaign so the credits won’t be used while you are surfing.
If this sounds like something that is for you, here is a list of the some of the top traffic exchanges that I recommend which also includes a downline builder.

My recommended top traffic exchanges

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